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Our Values


We view property development as very much a people-business. Hence, the simplicity of what we call our company - PTF, from the initials of our first names - Puneet, Timur and Francis. (Plus it sounds a bit nicer on the ear than our surnames - Gupta, Ashimov, Hur, or GAH...) As the three directors of the company, we feel it is important that people know who they are dealing with and that we are readily accessible. We consider ourselves answerable to those we serve and it is not in our nature to hide behind a faceless company image.

The three directors come from different backgrounds, both professionally and personally, with expert skillsets that are unique to each of them, but complimentary as a whole. This gives us the benefit of seeing things from three different perspectives at all times. However, whilst our areas of expertise may be different, our values are very similar. Perhaps the biggest testament to how we serve others is how we have come to work together ourselves. We never started this business as being best mates, but only joined together some years after knowing one another and getting to know the quality of our character over time.


We love to collaborate and work with others who know and understand the value of making long term bonds. We are very grateful to those who have placed their trust with us as we have placed our trust with them. We are happy to grow this circle of long term relationships as it is ultimately how we measure success - both in business and in life.

If we do not know you yet, we would love to be given the opportunity to get to know you better and share what we can along the way. 


We always seek to ensure that our developments strike a balance between land value and development opportunity, whilst fully complying with local planning policy.  We design schemes which aim to enhance the development potential of a site whilst complementing the local character. 

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