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"I thoroughly recommend PTF to any property owners who may be thinking about selling their property. They put forward an offer for my commercial building where I had been running my business for the last 35 years. The building had been in my family for over 50 years, but it was the right time for me to consider selling. I had other offers to buy my property but I ultimately accepted PTF’s offer as I felt they were the most capable of delivering on what they said. As soon as the legals were agreed, they set off immediately to get the process started. They kept me updated with progress and ultimately secured the planning permissions. They then completed on the purchase at the agreed price and terms. The design they had proposed was also very fitting and did justice to the building and I hope the new owners will appreciate and take care of it. Throughout the process, PTF have been professional and courteous and I would happily work with them again if given the opportunity."

Anthony Townsend, Owner, Peak Ignition

“PTF Developments had expressed interest in acquiring part of the garden adjacent to my house. I had no intention of selling, but wanted to hear what was on offer. They responded promptly and their initial offer was attractive enough for me to pursue the matter further.  In a few short consultations, we agreed on a selling price with which I was more than satisfied. All the arrangements were made by PTF Developments and I really didn’t expend much effort at all in getting the matter to conclusion. Throughout the planning application process, I was kept fully informed. Once the planning was approved, PTF Developments promptly arranged for the payment and fulfilled all of their commitments to my complete satisfaction. It has been a pleasure to work with them and I am happy to recommend them without reservation.”

Dr Shiraz Kabani

I have known Puneet, Timur & Francis since 2017 and have acted as their solicitor on several land development transactions since. I have found them to be fair, honest and trustworthy - as clients, as buyers when dealing with landowners and as joint venture partners. They are keen to adhere to a ‘win-win’ approach in their dealings, especially with landowners. One particular transaction stands out for me – the landowner’s solicitor was clearly getting it wrong, which would have left the landowner in a worse position. PTF and I had to work hard to ensure the landowner was getting the deal they thought they were entering into at the outset, even to the point of paying for the landowner’s extra legal costs in correcting the landowner’s solicitor’s errors.

I am happy to recommend PTF as development partners and buyers to landowners. They have worked diligently and professionally to get deals over the line and achieve the objectives of the project. I frequently refer to them as the ‘trifecta’ as the combination of Puneet, Timur & Francis’ experience and skillsets makes for a very desirable business partner.

Tariq Mubarak, Partner, GunnerCooke LLP

"PTF approached us to market a site, which they had recently obtained planning permission in Croydon. It was an attractively designed development that blended well with the surrounding neighbourhood. They were diligent in working with the CGI artist and it helped that they made the site presentable and easy to sell. Numerous offers came in and once one was agreed, the transaction completed quickly. They are very professional in what they do and we look forward to working with them in the future.”    

Andrew Pennell, Principal and founder, Andrew Pennell New Homes Ltd

"PTF have been a pleasure to work with. They hired us to assist with disposal of one of their consented schemes. They did quite well to secure the planning permission they did. The scheme was designed very well, making great use of the existing property and thus received a good amount of interest when we put it on the market. A sale was quickly agreed progressing to completion swiftly. We look forward to working with them again."

Chris Jones, Principal, Christopher St James (CSJ) Development Agents

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