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Maidstone project getting there...

Over on our Maidstone project, something that has been a bit of a thorn in our side is a manhole. Part of our works is to add new bathrooms. New bathrooms require sewer waste connections. We've done this all before and knew we would need a new connection with a new manhole. What we did not expect was the Building Control Officer wanting the manhole to be the size that he wanted. And this is despite the waste pipe being privately owned by us as well as having two existing manholes both in front of and behind his new one.

Think we have enough bricks there? As one may imagine, this was not cheap to do. (Anyone try to get a hold of a brickie lately?) But we've done it now, so moving on...

Now that is out of the way, we're pushing ahead with the rest of the project. Walls have been plastered and kitchen units and bathroom tiling are moving apace. Time for us to start ordering the furniture soon.

Next time we check in with this project we hope it is to show some finished images!


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