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Kent Social Housing Development - new project and design

We have recently exchanged on a property in Kent to redevelop into social housing with our business partners. It has been challenging getting to this point given the situation with Covid. But we are now moving ahead! We need to get things ready so our builders can get stuck in ASAWGP (as soon as we get possession).

So we have been looking at the design... It is a good size house in good condition, but it needs some work for our residents (who have been patiently waiting for us). The first floor has the number of rooms we need (four), but not quite at the sizes we need them to be. Here is the existing plan of the first floor -

There may be 4 bedrooms, but many of us in property will know about the 'box' room - typically that small room above the entrance hall below. Great for a home office or a child's room but when you have 4 similar aged adults sharing... who wants to get the short straw? On the flip side, it would also seem unfair if one of the residents get a huge master bedroom whilst the others just have normal size rooms.

We considered a number of options including shifting some walls around, but ultimately we decided to go with this -

We are proposing to take out the master ensuite so that huge master bedroom could be made into two good size rooms that were more equal in size to the other bedrooms. The box room would be made into a new second bathroom. This will invariably cost us more and take longer than a simple refurbishment, but looking to the long term, we feel this is the right thing to do for our residents.

Some of you may be thinking, a new bathroom in a new location - what about the plumbing? And you would be right. There is no straightforward path for a new soil pipe from the existing box room to connect to the main drains. As developers we constantly need to assess situations with various unknowns. We have a couple of ideas so far, but we'll only know when the job gets started working with our builder in a few days. Stay tuned for more...


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