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Kent Social Housing - continued progress

Building work continues on our Kent Social Housing project.

Following on the soil pipe quandary, (see here for some background if you are just tuning in,) the guys have moved an internal manhole outside and neatly bedded the ground pipe with gravel. Sounds exciting? Yeah, probably not. But consider this - months from now there could be a blockage in the soil pipe that needs to be inspected/cleaned-out - isn't it better this is done *outside* the house? It was also nice that we did not have to remind our builder to nestle the pipe in gravel. Sometimes builders make the mistake of skimping on this to save on cost, but you need the gravel to allow for ground movement so as not to crack the pipe. Mmmm... cracked and leaky soil pipe... wouldn't that be a fun problem.

The Building Inspector came by again yesterday and gave us the green light to continue. Just one more final inspection visit at the end.

Elsewhere, the builders were busy with a variety of other jobs going on in parallel. Framing new stud walls, plastering, first fix electrics, even pointing a new brick wall to shift the location of the boiler. (We wanted to avoid having the boiler in the dining area for better spaciousness.)

Big thanks to our builders for their hard work! Now it is on us to purchase the furniture, appliances and finish items.


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