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Is this what a real estate developer looks like?

We generally try to stay away from talking about politics here. But with the recent US election now past, we couldn't help but reflect on how Donald Trump has affected the reputation of property developers.

If we asked you to close your eyes and form some images of what you think a property developer looks like, for many people the image of Donald Trump would be hard to ignore. In fact, the connotations that come with this name are so strong we don't need to echo them here.

We know that many developers don't have the best reputation. We don't expect this image to change overnight.

But in doing what we do, we hope to contribute to turning the tide on how people view developers. So it is not so much the glitz and glamour or under-handed mind games, but instead the basic essentials of providing decent places for local people to live, delivered with consideration and care.


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