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Kent Social Housing - garage conversion commences

Our next build project has started!

It is not a big one - just a garage conversion, but every little counts. The small ones deserve just as much attention as the big ones.

There is some structural work involved, such as adding in a new steel beam to support an existing beam. Our builders propped up the existing steel and then started to remove the wall it was resting on. And what did we uncover? The new steel wouldn't fit where we thought it would! (Can you spot the problem in the photo?) No matter how good your plans are, you always have to be ready to adapt on a building project. (You still need good plans though - this is no excuse for not making the best plans one can make.)

After some quick thinking on our feet and a call to the Structural Engineer for confirmation, we got the solution to move forward with. All in a days work.

The new steel has been ordered and our builders should be ready to install it when it arrives.

Stay tuned!


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